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Commissioned by North East Hants and Farnham CCG RHL are helping deliver the Desmond (Diabetes education and self management for ongoing and the newly diagnosed) training to the local Nepali Community. We work with health professionals to explain the condition and deliver sessions regarding nutrition, lifestyle changes and managing diabetes. RHL provides translation and support for the DESMOND diabetes structured education programme so the education about the condition can be passed on to the wider community.

The main aims of the DESMOND programme are;

  • To improve the quality of life for people newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

  • To encourage people newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes to set their own goals and activities and to construct a personal health plan that includes diet and exercise.

  • To encourage people newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes to think positively and be proactive in taking control of their health needs with particular focus on their diet.

The overall objectives of the project are;

  • To deliver a comprehensive structured education programme in relation to dietetics to newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetes patients within a 6 months of diagnoses.

  • Provide access for newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetes patients to a suitable course for those patients, for whom English is not their first language and for patients from minority groups where diabetes is greater risk.

  • Provide a range of convenient locations, dates and times to ensure patient choice and various needs are catered for.

Through the project participants have set up diabetes self-help groups which offer support and advice, they regularly hold meetings in the community to help raise awareness of the condition and the volunteers always have a presence at community events in order to publicise their message with leaflets and information on diabetes. The project has been well received within the Nepali community and continues to have a positive effect within the local area.









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